NMA develops science that people can use to address the mountain related educational perspectives such as adventure and environmental issues. It conducts and facilitates research, provides educational opportunities and internships, and conducts environmental monitoring. This will connect scientists and stakeholders across the world mountain regions to go beyond scientific inquiry to the meaningful application of knowledge that makes a difference for the quality of the environment and the global and local communities.



NMA eventually envisions to be a University for mountain and mountaineering studies that promotes, coordinates, and conducts academic activities and carries out research from across the disciplines on mountain places, peoples and practices, and advances both theoretical and experiential learning on campus and in mountain environments in future. Presently, the main vision of this academy is to be a nationally and internationally reputed learning center, recognized for academic and practical excellence in teaching and research in Mountain and Mountaineering Studies education in Nepal.



The academy seeks to make mountain studies part of the core identity of the University by building on the academy's existing world-class strength in research and teaching on the mountains and the mountaineering studies.



The academy is dedicated specifically to

  • understanding mountains and environments, mountain cultures, and mountain activities in relation to one another, and
  • to bringing students, faculty members, and community together through the study of mountains and its allied services.


In pursuit to achieve these lofty yet practical goals the academy aims:

  • to develop mountaineers, mountaineering managers, tourism entrepreneurs and market leaders through market-friendly, accessible, flexible and innovative academic programs;
  • to develop graduates of mountains and the mountaineering studies who would be able to grasp local, national and international needs and serve accordingly; and
  • to develop graduates who would be excellent researchers, managers and entrepreneurs and also be socially very responsible mountain friendly citizens.



In accordance to cater the purposes envisioned in the mission and goals, the academy has set the following objectives to achieve.

  • To develop graduates of mountain and mountaineering studies education at various levels with sound management knowledge in the proposed sectors, skills and values along with positive leadership qualities;
  • To motivate students in a caring and conducive learning environment to bring out the best in them;
  • To instill creativity and innovativeness in the students through motivational approaches of personalized nurturing guidance;
  • To motivate to involve students in research oriented learning activities;
  • To make learning and living at the academy/college a wonderfully practicable, pleasant experience for all, and develop a strong yet tender bond of friendship and fraternity; and
  • To establish relations with universities and similar institutes of Nepal and abroad for program enhancement.