Course Details

This program aims to prepare graduates who will poses a set of internationally  standardized skills, attributes, and values that via foundation courses management, mountaineering and tourism core courses, elective and project works representing both sectors of management, mountain tourism and mountaineering.

The first semester courses are more concentrated on foundation courses, which will followed by more advanced courses in the second, third and forth semesters. It is an intensive program extending over a period of 4 years consisting of 8 semesters and comprising 129 credit hours, which also offers opportunities to pursue master degree in adventure tourism, management studies, social sciences and tourism and hospitality studies.

 This course intends to develop professional human resource of mountain environment, mountain tourism, mountain resource management and mountaineering with a broad range of professional skills of climbing, guiding, safety, security, rescue, and providing quality service. The course also offers areas of specialization that enables student to be more acquainted with the emerging trends of tourism industry.

The students will get theoretical knowledge of European Alps, Rocky Mountains (North America), Andes Mountains (South America), Snowy Mountains (Australia), Atlas Mountains (Africa) and Hindukush Himalayas (Asia), Himalayan heritage, conservation of biodiversity, geology, geography, climate change, Sociology and anthropology of mountain, tourism in Nepal, tourism policy and planning, mountain tourism and environment, mountaineering, international mountains, trekking peak climbing management, safety and security operation, mountaineering planning, sustainable mountain tourism, sustainable mountain development, intercultural adaptation,Nepalese society and culture, cross-cultural tourism behavior, intercultural communication, mountain resource management, human resource management, tourism marketing, account, finance, Business communication, e-tourism, customer service management, operational management, entrepreneurship, economics of tourism, foreign language, research methodology, safety and security, risk, crisis and disaster management, rescue system, conflict management and a detail theoretical, technical and practical knowledge about mountaineering, thesis writing, etc. will be also studied by the students of this stream.